Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Top Ten Christmas/Thanksgiving/Black Friday Movies to Watch

Outline: Are you looking for best Christmas movies? Here is a list of top 10 Christmas/Thanksgiving/Black Friday movies as well as the 2015 new movies around Christmas for you to watch on Mac, PC,iPad, iPhone, iPod etc. 

The holidays can be a hectic time. Relax and have fun with your family by seeing this year's top family movies in the theaters for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Learn the release dates and ratings of the season's best films for kids of all ages. Movies have always been as big a part of Christmas as turkey, crackers and presents under the tree. While watching a good Christmas film, we are able to connect all the senses to its story and feel the atmosphere of the festival.

Imagine how pleasuring it is to watch a terrific Christmas movie with the family after a day’s busy Christmas shopping and preparation for decorating the house. Here we put together a list of top 10 Christmas moves spanning over several decades which are right in line with the Christmas holiday spirit and hope you would enjoy watching them.

It is a Wonderful Life

Oh! How we wish to have a wonderful life indeed! Most of us also think of that guardian angel who will come across with that wind and take away all the troubles 

This movie takes us through a ride where you actually understand that it is not always money that will make you rich . . .

The Nightmare Before Christmas!

An animated movie which will have you on the edge of your seats is none other than – The Nightmare Before Christmas. Impressive story – telling, magnificent visuals and excellent music is waiting for you. So just grab this movie before it disappears from those shelves. 


Though just a number, watching this movie will have you rolled down from that couch of yours in fits of laughter. A comedy for the grown – ups by none other than Steven Spielberg.

Home Alone

An action packed with loads of comedy scenes, this is one movie which is liked by all the age groups. Home Alone is also the movie which you can watch every now and then.

The Bishop’s Wife

True blue classic is this movie – The Bishop’s Wife, which is high on both emotions and comedy. There are some very best scenes as well in the movie especially when decorating the house.

Oh! An Elf is here to celebrate Christmas with you. Starring Will Ferrell, this movie is purely filled with a lot of funny scenes!

A Charlie Brown Christmas

An anti commercialism classic tale – of how Charlie Brown is bend on finding the real meaning of Christmas.

Miracle on 34th Street

Yet another classic for the all time favourite movies to watch out for – during the Christmas season!Miracle on 34th Street uplifts you and has been the favourite movie ever 

A Christmas Carol

An adaptation of the famous Charles Dickens’ novella (novella – a short novel or a long story) with the same name – A Christmas Carol, this classic film is another of those favourites to be mentioned in the list.

Rudolph the Red – Nosed Reindeer

Stop motion animated movies are rare but this one is one of those best movies in this category! Sam – the Snowman is one to remember.

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