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5 Reasons Pirate Movies, Music ?Solved?

The internet is the single greatest technological advance of our era. Like nothing before it, it has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, the way that we do business, and, unfortunately, the ways in which we circumvent the law. Internet piracy is a widespread phenomenon that entails the act of taking music, movies or software from illegal sites on the web. The slang term for an individual who engages in this practice is, appropriately enough, a pirate.
Whether you are backing up a DVD for personal use, copying a home DVD from a friend or family member to have a copy for yourself or creating digital copies for travel purposes, you don't want to sit at your computer for hours waiting for the copy to be complete. So how do you get a quick DVD copy while maintaining optimal quality? 

If you, like the majority of American citizens, enjoy being involved in a number of activities or organizations, you will more than likely find yourself in a hurry to get things done and get out the door. One of the tasks that most users want to go by quickly is DVD copying. 

The Influence factors Pirate Movies, Music 
It's Dangerous 

The fact of the matter is that if something sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is. While the idea of a brand new album available (free!) months before the release date is certainly enticing, it's also likely an outright lie. Pirates often make grand promises about what a given file contains; in fact, they'll arrange it so that whatever you search for, they'll have something available with that title. What many unlucky pirates discover, however, is that instead of the great movie they wanted to watch, they've downloaded a dangerous virus. The resulting damage to their computers can be catastrophic and could end up costing much more than the file they downloaded would have. 

It's Illegal 

While some people believe that being a pirate is a victimless crime, the fact of the matter is that businesses lose millions of dollars a year to internet piracy. Copyright infringement is a very serious matter to them, and they are not shy about prosecuting those who rob them. While it may seem paranoid, it's wiser to stay away from illegal downloads rather than risk a potentially devastating lawsuit. 

It Drives Prices Up 

While the cost of acquiring media has decreased drastically with the advent of the internet, the cost of producing much of this same material remains the same. Companies are forced to spend millions of dollars catching pirates each year, and that ultimately cuts into their profit margins. This in turn forces companies to raise the prices on their products, whether it is movies, music or software. Ultimately, being a pirate only hurts you and all other consumers like you. 

It's not supported 

This aspect applies more to software than media, but it is also somewhat true of movies and music. If you have trouble installing an application or it damages your system in some way, there is no possibility of getting help for a stolen product. If you acquired the software legitimately, then the developer will help you solve the problem. For instance, if some type of DVD copy software fails to perform as advertised, you can return, replace or modify the product. The same offer does not stand for illegally downloaded material. 

It's Hard 

The simple truth is that looking for pirated media is a time-consuming and often difficult process. Filtering out the spam and viruses from actual available media is not only dangerous, it's also silly. There are many legitimate sources where you can acquire the same media for a fraction of the effort. Pirates simply opt to ignore websites like iTunes or Amazon, where music can be purchased for a reasonable price with guaranteed quality. Movies and TV shows are easier than ever to get at too, thanks to Netflix and Hulu. What's more, there are a number of perfectly legal DVD copy software applications that you can purchase for a reasonable price. To be an internet pirate is to make your life far more difficult than it has to be. 

The Best way to Ripping and Coping DVD 

A powerful DVD converter is a necessity. Pavtube ByteCopy is the highly-recommended DVD ripping software to rip DVDs to optimized video formats supported with removal of copy-protections, CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney X-project DRM and deliver possible highest video/audio quality. Also, not on the list, don’t worry, this top DVD ripper supports almost all the mainstream video formats, so you just need to convert DVD to one format compatible with your TV. (Read review) 

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Step 1: Insert your DVD disc into computer’s DVD-rom and then launch the DVD Ripper. Click “Load file(s)” button to load the movies from your DVD discs. You can also import ISO files, IFO files or DVD folder (DVD folders files name appear like “Video_TS”) for conversion. 

Step 2: (Optional) Once the files are loaded, you can select the subtitles and audio track you prefer. On the right windows, you can preview your files and take snapshots of your favorite movie scenes. 

Step 3: Click the “Format” bar and follow “MP4 > .mp4” for other device. 

Realed Software:

Pavtube BDMagic : Convert 2D Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and standard DVD to SD, High-Definition formats or even create 3D videos with excellent video/audio quality in fast conversion speed. This BD/DVD to video workaround could output various video and audio formats, like H.265/HEVC, MKV, MP4, MOV, DivX, AVI, MP3, FLAC, etc so you can make a duplicate copy for your video collection, or share movies on numbers of popular media players,like Apple media devices, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows media players, various smartphones and more. Besides, you can easily customize Blu-ray DVD collection to export desired movies in your own patent. 

Pavtube DVDAid : Provides the best solution to rip DVD and convert DVD to video and audio in popular file formats for many devices. Along with multiple practical bonus features like video editor, DVDAid is capable of improving your DVD movie experience without location or time limitations. It could backup DVD and convert DVD to various video and audio formats including MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV, MP3, AAC, etc to let you enjoy DVD movies on any mobile device like iPhone 7, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 Edge, Kindle Fire HDX, PS3, PSP, Surface, and more. Surprisingly it adds H.265/HEVC as output video format in order to satisfy users who ask for high video quality.

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