Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The worst comic book movies since 2000

Worst Comic Book Movies

Comic book movies have potential to be great, but these seem only to exist to pass off as money-makers and big news rather than entertainment. Here is the worst comic book movies since 2000.

“Amazing Spider-Man 2” was released Friday. This summer will feature another “X-Men” movie and the first film debuting the whacky superheroes “The Guardians of the Galaxy.” Meanwhile, DC Comics is planning a “Superman vs. Batman” movie for 2016 and now talking about a “Justice League” movie for 2018. Comic book movies are a hot property right now, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

However, there has been a share of dud comic book movies over the past 15 years. Some sure-fire hits fell quite flat. For every successful “Dark Knight,” there has been a comic book movie that left no room for future sequels, forcing writers to reboot the whole series and start fresh. Here’s a look at five of the worst in recent years.

Hulk” (2003). Director Ang Lee is known for great films like “Sense & Sensibility,” “Brokeback Mountain” and “Life of Pi.” However, the famed director’s first foray into comic book films was a flat-out disaster. The Hulk didn’t appear until 45 minutes into the movie, as Lee focused far too much on dialogue and psycho-analysis. There was a shocking lack of action that left the target audience – pre-teen boys – squirming in their seats, bored by this talker. Also, the computer-generated Hulk looked terrible. Fans overwhelming rejected the stinker, as it earned an ugly 29 percent approval rating from general viewers at movie-tracking website Rottentomatoes.com.

Superman Returns” (2006). How awful was Brandon Routh as Super Man? It was so bad that nearly a decade later, the wooden, lifeless actor has still not starred in a major motion picture. Meanwhile, Kate Bosworth (who played Lois Lane) looked frail and thin and sickly. What happened to the strong, athletic woman who starred in the surfer film “Blue Crush” just a few years earlier? Bosworth’s career has likewise tailed off. The plot wasn’t good, and it certainly hurt that the writers decided that Lois Lane had such “loose morals” that she wasn’t sure if Super Man was the father of her son. Average viewers gave the film a sluggish 62 percent approval rating at Rottentomatoes.com.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand” (2006). Director Bryan Singer was superb in creating the first two films, but he didn’t do this third film, and it showed. The writers here decided to kill off popular characters Cyclops and Professor X. They also brought in a lot of villains that don’t exist in the comic books, which wasn’t popular with fans. With the choice to kill off the main characters, it made it impossible to move forward with a fourth movie. Instead, the whole series was rebooted with a prequel. Critics gave the film a 58 percent approval rating at Rottentomatoes.com.

Spider-Man 3” (2007). There were too many villains, and too much going on. Tobey Maguire’s “aw-shucks” Peter Parker worked in the first two films, but his brief turn on the dark side in the third movie was an epic failure. When Parker started dancing in a club and courted new girl Gwen Stacey, most fans rolled their eyes and buried their face in their hands. Just like the third “X-Men” film, it felt like there was nowhere new to go, so the series was entirely rebooted at the beginning. Average movie-goers gave the film a dismal 51 percent approval rating at Rottentomatoes.com.

Green Lantern” (2011). The green super-hero suit looked awful at times. The movie opened with too much back-story. Ryan Reynolds has turned out to not quite be the leading man that Hollywood wants him to be; he is a bit too much of a comic and not enough of an action hero. The story lagged and with the bad computer graphics, the movie fell far short of expectations. The film got a lackluster 26 percent approval rating from film critics at Rottentomatoes.com.

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