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2016 Summer Football : Play Football Matches On TV or Any Device


The First Part of Review History Top football Matches 

Football is filled with spirit and passion that is deeper that the game itself. Sometimes during a crucial mask, most of the football fans have to renounce all the logic and believe that something valuable than life is always at stake. Some of these truly amazing football moments have been a source of inspiration and revolutionize the way we look at football, here are have some moments that have left us gaping in awe. 

The 2009 Match of Armenia and Turkey 


Long years have passed since that bloody event concerning the Ottoman forces that massacred at least a million Armenian during the First World War and the tension between Armenia and Turkey has always been that strong. Who knows that a single soccer match will be able to reconcile the two countries that have been severed by history? The President of Armenia invited the other leader of the nation for a friendly soccer match. It was just to amazing to see two countries that have tension to sit side by side and just celebrate a great game of football. After the game, the two leaders decided to reach a settlement, and they released doves as a sign of peace. A peace agreement was also signed days after the beautiful soccer match. 

The 2005 Soccer Match of Sudan and Ivory Coast 


Chelsea fans, as well as those people that despise him, would clearly be aware who Didier Drogba is. He is notorious for the fouls and dives that irate the fans of the opposing team and delights the Chelsea fans. But not most of us are aware about the soft side of Drogba that emanates towards peace. After the Ivory Coast managed to beat Sudan in a decisive match that qualifies them for the World Cup, Drogba went down on his knees and appeal to the different factions to drop their arms and end the unnecessary war. After a year, a friendly soccer match was played in the same venue and talks about peace resumed. 

1967 Lagos vs. Santos 


Pele is one of the greatest figures in the world of football. He is known for some of the greatest matches that were witnessed in the history of football. But his most outstanding soccer performance would be during the match exhibition last 1967 in Nigeria. The match was set during the time that there is a looming war between two countries, but Africa was too eager to see how the great player plays on live action that they decided to put a 48-hour ceasefire. 

1966 Bucks vs. Rangers 


The prisoners at Robben Island have been sending request to the authorities to permit them in playing football for two years; they also be subjected for punishments every time that they will request to play. Finally the wardens approved their request and let them play. This event has led to the formation of Mankana Football Association. The first ever match was between Bucks and Rangers. There were no records about the final score but the legacy it is unparalleled on the history of the soccer book. 

1954 Hungary vs. West Germany 


1954 was the year when Germany’s pride has been tattered. Different nations have looked lowly of them after the end of the World War 2. Beating all the odds, West Germany was able to qualify in the world cup where they had to face Hungary with 32 winning streak. Germany was initially down by 2 goals, but they bounced back to claim the victory against Hungary. The football has rejuvenated the pride of the country. 

1914 Germany vs. Britain 


Britain and Germany as we all know are at war during the year 1914, but on the Christmas day, the two opposing forces decided to have an unofficial ceasefire. The forces have led to the forces to recover their deceased comrades. Someone accidentally kicked a soccer ball which started a friendly soccer match which reversed the tension for a few hours. 

The Second Part of How to Watch Top 6 Football Matches on TV or Any Device 

Most of these greatest football matches can be found online. However, you will not be able to freely watch them freely especially if there is no internet connection. If you are a football fan, you want to have an access to these football matches at one click of your fingertips. 

Therefore I strongly recommend Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate. With it you can easily convert football matches to the right format that matches different types of devices. Mac user can using Mac version

The program will automatically process and converter the video. To mobile device supported formats, like H.265/HEVC, MKV, MP4, MOV, DivX, AVI, MP3, FLAC, etc so you can playback on iPhone 7, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, Galaxy note 7/5/4/3 , Galaxy S7/S6/ S6 Edge, Kindle Fire HDX, PS3, PSP, Surface, and more. Surprisingly it adds H.265/HEVC as output video format in order to satisfy users who ask for high video quality. Reviews 。

Free download and install football tool 


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The Steps of Converter Smart TV or Any Device 

Step 1. Import Download football games or movie to the Video Converter 

Click the “Load ” icon to browse disc drive and load your football games or movie. 


Step 2. Choose output format for Smart TV or Any Device 

From the Format list, find “mp4” catalog and get the optimized profile for your device. To preserve high video quality from original 1080p football Matches movie on Smart TV or any device, you are suggested to select “HD Video(1080P) MPEG-4(*.mp4)” for Match to MP4 conversion. 


Step 3. Start the football games or movie conversion 

Double check above steps and you could start the football games or movie conversion. When it is complete, go to output destination, locate the created football games or movie file, and move your football games or movie. 

The Third Part of VR Watching Football Match 

Making it suited to football games and even movies with VR, an immersive experience in which your head movements are tracked in a three dimensional world. 


VR headsets Supported Formats

Carl Zeiss VR One Like Samsung's Galaxy Gear, the Carl Zeiss VR One uses a mobile phone as its display. However, unlike the Galaxy Gear, it supports both the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5, although you need to specify which one when you buy.
Oculus Rift As a teenager, Luckey collected VR tech and was fascinated with making his own headset in his garage. Numerous prototypes and a $2bn Facebook buyout later, Oculus is still the biggest name in VR, thanks to a partnership with Samsung and its own upcoming headset.
HTC Vive Offers the best virtual reality we've ever experienced. This is thanks to the headset's two 1080 x 1200 screens, the highest resolution displays out there, and the two sensors that hang on your wall to track movement.
Sony Morpheus Probably has the best chance of becoming a commercial success. First of all, while most VR headsets require a decent PC or the latest mobile phone, Sony's Morpheus just needs a PlayStation 4. Secondly, Sony has some of the best game studios in the world working on games for Morpheus: its London and Tokyo studios have produced some excellent VR demos, and Uncharted developer Naughty Dog could be next.
Microsoft HoloLens Instead of immersing the player in an entirely computer-generated world, HoloLens augments reality, adding interactive holograms to the space you already inhabit. Microsoft showed demos of people building Minecraft structures on top of their tables, exploring objects such as a motorbikes, or being able to create video feeds on any surface you like.
Razer OSVR OSVR stands for Open Source Virtual Reality, so everything about the platform is open and freely available. You can even download the 3D files and create your own headset, if you like.
FOVE Eye Tracking VR FOVE believes that the future of VR control is eye-tracking, and its headset uses tiny cameras to track where you're looking in real-time.
Archos VR Glasses Archos has been undercutting manufacturers of mobile phones, tablets and portable games consoles for years, so it was only a matter of time before they got into the VR market.
Google Cardboard A somewhat tongue-in-cheek take on VR, but it makes a great weekend project if you want to see what the fuss is about. You can either download the instructions and make your own headset, or you can buy a kit from a variety of vendors.
Avegant Glyph The Glyph is compatible with anything that supports external displays, so you can use it with your home consoles or practically any modern mobile phone. You simply slip the band over your eyes, cover your ears with the headphones, and watch or play your content on the retina-quality display.
Samsung Gear VR Powered by technology from Oculus, the Samsung Gear VR was effectively the first VR headset on the market. To use it, you simply grab a Samsung phone, download apps and games from the Oculus store, and clip it into the headset. The original model supported the Note 4, but a new model out this spring is compatible with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

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