Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Nebraska ": a modern black-and-white film

"Nebraska "is a Midwest road trip film about an aging father (Bruce Dern) and his son (Will Forte),Directored by Alexander Payne. As a studio release (Paramount) and a film set in contemporary times, "Nebraska" is unusual among modern black-and-white films, which have tended to be independently made or period pieces.

Bruce Dern plays an elderly man named Woody Grant living in Billings,whose mind has started to fade after years of heavy drinking. Woody determined to make his way to Nebraska come hell or high water, upon receiving a letter saying he’s won a million dollar prize。

David (Will Forte), Woody’s grown son, A single and struggling electronics salesman, he trudges along in work and in life. He and his father aren't terribly close because Woody isn't terribly close to anyone; family is the expected phenomenon that just sort of formed around him at some point. But when Woody keeps pressing to pick up his prize money, David sees an opportunity to spend some time together, and maybe even enjoy some long-overdue father-son bonding. So he agrees to drive his old man hundreds of miles, in order to reach the promised land of Lincoln, Nebraska. where Woody and his wife Kate (June Squibb) used to live many years ago.

in one scene, Woody joins his elderly brothers for a reunion.The old men sit in plaid shirts before a TV, trading monosyllables without looking one another's way.It's an easy sight gag, but their fine, weathered features turn it into something mysterious and iconic.

"Nebraska"is full of complicated people marked by flaws and failures, mistakes and regrets; they can be selfish bastards, too. It often feels as though Payne is trying to strip away the cliché that the region is populated exclusively by hardworking, decent hearted types, But for all the cragginess Woody exudes with his etched face and mess of white hair, he has also inspired a great deal of love in this director. The film's starkly beautiful final images have a poignancy that might leave a lump in your throat.

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