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Black nativity:a Christmas musical film

Black Nativity is a religious-themed Christmas movie,directed by Kasi Lemmons.Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson starring this film.

 From left, Jacob Latimore, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker in ‘Black Nativity’
It is a touching modernization of the nativity tale within a prodigal-child framing story.
Reverend Cornell Cobbs ( Forest Whitaker ) and his wife, Aretha ( Angela Bassett ). they have a doughter Naima ( Jennifer Hudson ) ran away to Baltimore as a pregnant teen, Cobbs carryed a deep shame.They haven't spoken since.Fifteen years later, financial struggles force Naima to send her son, Langston (Jacob Latimore), to the grandparents he's never known.He arrives in New York on a cold December day, alone and full of attitude.Before he meets his grandparents, Langston is robbed, mistaken for a thief, and arrested.With the encouragement of a local thug (Tyrese Gibson), he plans to do anything necessary to raise money for his mom, no matter how stupid or illegal.

In addition to being a Christmas story, the movie provides a context for the historical importance of Harlem to African Americans as well as references to the civil rights movement.This is not a perfect movie: parts are a bit too convenient to believe and others are overly sentimental, but those flaws can be forgiven considering it's a holiday film.The Christmas musical will appeal foremost to gospel lovers and practicing Christians, but anyone who sees it should appreciate the vocals and the family-first message.

Hudson's voice is far superior to everyone else's in the movie -- with the exception of fellow professional R&B singer Mary J. Blige as a Christmas pageant angel and Hudson's impressive on-screen son Latimore.Whitaker's voice isn't on the same level, but he makes up for it with his performances as a well-known Harlem preacher who can't figure out how to reconcile with his uncommunicative daughter.

The movie's centerpiece is, as promised, the reverend's annual, extravagant holiday, But the entire movie feels like a Nativity pageant.

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