Thursday, November 21, 2013

A lovely movie"The Croods "


Tittle: The Croods
Director: Kirk de Micco, Chris Sanders
Voices: Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds   

OverviewEep (voiced by Emma Stone), a teenage cave-girl living in prehistoric times, longs for adventure in the big open world right outside where she lives with her entire family -- mom Ugga (Catherine Keener), grandmother Gran (Cloris Leachman), brother Thunk (Clark Duke), baby sister Sandy (Randy Thom), and dad Grug (Nicolas Cage). Grug is a traditionalist, believing that there's no safe place beyond the cold dark of their hideout cave. He thinks that Eep should rein in her adventurous side because it can only lead to danger, He means well, but Eep feels very constrained. She longs to explore what lies beyond their hole-in-the-mountain wall, and not only when it's time to hunt for food. One day, she sneaks out, lured by a sliver of light, and meets a young man named Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who knows how to start a fire. He's a confident explorer with an adorable creature named Belt (Chris Sanders) as his only companion. Guy knows there are big changes ahead: The ground is literally shifting under their feet. Guy thinks Eep and her family have to run to safety with him, but to where? A whole new world that even the anxious Grug concedes may be the only key to survival. But that means going out into the open for the Croods, and they aren't used to being so vulnerable.

"The Croods" nicely makes it clear that even before they had fire, families understood how important it was to cherish and protect each other. Eep reminds us that what may feel like teenage obstinacy and foolhardiness may just be the next step in our evolution.

 My review:
 If a year ago you had told me that there would be an animated movie about cavemen, I would probably have said you have the wrong movie person.When I watched this movie,I have a feeling:it is so lovely!
As “Despicable Me “is my favorite animated film this year ,but now I can definitely put The Croods as my primary ,the croods convey a positive signal with the adventurous storyline ,it is funny, hilarious, touching, family-oriented, heartwarming, and has Great voice acting, great animation ,etc. I have no more words to describe, it toughed my heart heeply. I would like to backup the DVD for viewing next time.

I have to say it‘s an absolutely perfect family film for both adult and children. if you have free time , enjoy this film with your family together, you will not regret,I promise.