Thursday, November 13, 2014

Copy and play Frozen blu-ray movies on Kindle Fire HD 6 for kids

In this article you will get brief instruction about how to copy and play Frozen blu-ray movies on Kindle Fire HD 6 for kids on Windows and Mac.

Amazon’s Fire HD 6 features impressive parental controls, a user-friendly interface, solid performance and decent battery life in a colorful and sturdy design. Besides, Amazon offer a microSD card slot to augment the measly 8GB of onboard storage that comes with the Fire HD 6, and unlimited cloud storage for apps, docs, movies, music, photos and pretty much anything else you might want to keep.
play Frozen blu-ray on Kindle Fire HD 6

Now I have a lot of Blu-ray discs as your personal collection. As not all of them have been watched due to various reasons such as limit in time and location, as well as requirement on equipment, etc., I think it is such as a waste and pity not to take good advantage of these expensive Blu-ray discs.

It will be amazing to watch Blu-ray videos on Kindle Fire HD 6 with my adorable kids on the go anywhere possible. I have tried and succeeded in ripping an X-Ray-enhanced version of Jaws for watching, the yellow buoys popped as well, despite the grainy nature of the film.

Here I'm excited to share the easy way to convert another popular movie; Frozen Blu-ray to Kindle Fire HD 6 for kids enjoying on the go with Pavtube BDMagic.


  • Before anything else, you have to download an app that you are going to use later. You are required to download and install:
  • PC running Windows 10, Windows 8.1 Blue, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Source media (commercial Frozen Blu-ray Disc)
  • Pavtube BDMagic 
  • a BD drive for ripping Blu-ray

Pavtube BDMagic is the best Blu-ray Ripper I have tried which provides an easy way to rip and convert my huge DVD's and Blu-Ray collection of movies to Kindle Fire HD 6 compatible video files with fast ripping speed and excellent output video quality. It is a powerful and upgraded Blu-ray backup tool to rip any Blu-ray and supports all Windows OS, including Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. 

If you are Mac users, Pavtube BDMagic for Mac is the best tool for you. Follow below brief guide to make Frozen Blu-ray playable on Kindle Fire HD 6.

1. Insert Blu-ray on Blu-ray drive and import it to the software.

When you launch this Blu-ray to Kindle Converter, you should make sure that you have inserted Blu-ray to your Blu-ray drive. Then click the "Load file" button to import the Frozen Blu-ray you want for Kindle Fire HD 6.
Blu-ray to Kindle Converter 

After loading Blu-ray successfully, the actual main title will be picked by the software and you can preview the entire movies on the preview window and take snapshot. Now go to choose the subtitle and audio you need for output for default setting for subtitles is none.

2. Choose video format for Kindle Fire HD 6.

Click "Format" menu to get the output video format list. A mass of formats are listed. Go to choose "Amazon Kindle Fire HD H.264 video (*.mp4 )" from "Android " option for output.
video format for Kindle Fire HD 6 

If you want to check and choose the codec, bitrate, channels, etc for output videos, you are free to click "Settings" button to get it done. Take note that the default settings are also made for high quality output videos if you are not good at it. (Optional)

Tips: If you want to backup your blu-ray movies with keeping multiple audio tracks and subtitle streams, or wanna convert blu-rays to 3D MKV, MP4 and MOV format for enjoying on your 3D TV, just try to use Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows or Mac.

3. Convert Frozen Blu-ray for Kindle Fire HD 6.

Click "Convert" button to start convert Frozen Blu-ray to Kindle Fire HD 6 supported video. Once completed, "Open" button will help you to get output files quickly.

Editing functions:
1. Crop
If you hate the black edges or letterboxed and want to remove them from your video, you can click the “Crop” button to easily and freely crop the unwanted parties via two ways, that are dragging the frame around the video and setting the crop values: Top, Bottom, Left and Right.

2. Trim
Click the “Trim” bar to split the current title or chapter by dragging the Start Time slider to set the start time, and dragging the End Time slider to set the finish time.
3. Effect
You can watch the video at “Preview Pane” and then set brightness, contrast, saturation and adjust the volume to perfect the effect of the original video.

In addition, you can add various special effects like simple gauss blur effect, simple laplacian sharpen, gray, flip color, invert, aged film on Blu-ray clips.
4. Watermark
You can add text, image or video on the video.

5. Subtitles 

In this tab, you can add *.srt or *.ass/*.ssa subtitle-files to the video as hard subtitles. 

Now it's time to transfer the generated video to your Kindle Fire HD 6 via USB.  In this way, you can easily play Frozen Blu-ray movies on Kindle Fire HD 6 for kids without limitation. Go to enjoy it.

What's more, you can also watch DVD movies and YouTube videos on your Kindle Fire HD 6.