Friday, November 28, 2014

World's first 8K 3D film - Japanese broadcaster NHK continues to amaze!

While all the attention is currently focused on 4K, Japanese broadcaster NHK is continuing to push the boundaries of 8K. So amazing! Read the News below.

As we know 4K is now becoming a standard, but in this field Japan is a step or two ahead of the rest of the world. And so, as reported by Matt Allard of News Shooter, Japanese broadcaster NHK is focusing the attention on 8K broadcasting and at InterBee in Tokyo they pushed the boundaries of what is technically possible even further and they showed the world’s first 8K 3D film!

8K 3D
It was a short, 4-minute long fantasy movie called "Wish" that was captured with two Astrodesign 8K cameras. Matt reports that NHK was showing the film on a 200-inch 8K screen with 22.2 channel audio, so as you can imagine the experience was something unique and quite extraordinary.

The 200 Inch 8K Screen

Some people don't see a real difference between Full HD and 4K, but a 200-inch screen is not something you will find in every household. While 8K might be too much for normal uses, we can imagine that such resolutions will become one day a standard in theaters.

NHK 8K Live Feed 
We may still be very much in a HD world, but with the implementation of 4K and a future push towards 8K, I wonder when the amount of resolution becomes too much for the human eye to be able to tell the difference.

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