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Top 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies You Must Watch

Many will enjoy a kid-friendly movie with the family after the big Thanksgiving feast. Here are our top 10 must-watch Thanksgiving movies you can watch when you are free.

I don’t think anything can be better than watching inspirational movies on the great Thanksgiving day. The films are surely a way of entertainment. There are certainly a lot of motivating movies that make us realize how we should live our life in a positive way.

This list comprises of top 10 best Thanksgiving movies you must watch. I can confidently say that the films mentioned here will bring a positive change in your life.

10. Dutch

This comedy film was released in 1991. It is a very interesting story of a meat-and-potatoes construction worker’s life and his attempts of staying ensconce in his girlfriend’s good graces. For this he tries his best and retrieves her preppy son from boarding school for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, this film received so much criticism at the time of its release, but overall I think it is a must watch film.


9. The New World

What make this film amazing are the pastoral landscapes, and gripping narratives. It is truly a marvelous record of the Thanksgiving settlers. The story is about John Smith (Colin Farrell) and native princess Pocahontas. Both of them are sent reeling by a clash of cultural values. The film gives us many lessons to stay motivated in life.

The New World

8. Rocky

This movie was released in 1976. It is the story of Paulie (Burt Young) who throws the Thanksgiving turkey out the window in a rage. At the same time Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) and Adrian (Talia Shire) bust out of there and decide to go to a nearby ice skating rink.


7. Brokeback Mountain

The Brokeback Mountain was released in 2005. This film’s tense Thanksgiving dinner scenes, having lots of fight over carving the turkey and watching football, are what will excite you as a viewer. So, don’t miss to watch this movie.

Brokeback Mountain

6. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

This film was released in 1973. The story is about a gang that gathers around a ping-pong table as Snoopy carves the turkey for the Peanuts version of this tradition. Charlie Brown has performed really well in this film.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

5. Miracle on 34th Street

This movie was released in 1947. The movie features footage shot of 1946 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The role of Santa Claus is played by Edmund Gwenn. The story of this film is very interesting, and you must watch it.

Miracle on 34th Street

4. Pieces of April

This is another impressive Thanksgiving special film. The lead roles are played by Tom Cruise, and Katie Holmes. The movie was released in 2003. The story revolves around a Thanksgiving dinner which April tries to whip up in her cramped and less-than-clean New York City apartment for the whole family.
Pieces of April

3. Pocahontas

It is one of the most fantastic Thanksgiving movies. Pocahontas, a 1995 Disney animated film, gives a fictionalized look at Native American Pocahontas and Englishman John Smith. It has made an excellent follow-up to the realities of “The New World”, and you should not miss to watch this film.

2. Bean

This movie was released in 1997. The story is about the hapless Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) who is looking for his misplaced watch in a stuffed turkey. The movie is worth checking and would provide you lots of entertainment.


1. Alice’s Restaurant

A Thanksgiving classic, Alice’s Restaurant, was released in 1969. This is a larger-than-life recreation of Arlo Guthrie’s song of the same name. After Guthrie visits his friend Alice for Thanksgiving, he tries to offer to transport her trash to the dump. The movie is worth checking this weekend.

Which movie you have watched out of these?

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