Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Top Best Comedy Movies Of 2014 Review

Do you love funny movies? Well if you do, 2014 is the year for you! It is the year for funny movies 2014 which will make you laugh till you cry. There is nothing like a good laugh and you will certainly laugh till you gasp for air with the following comedy movies 2014.

A Haunted House 2 starring the master of spoofs Marlon Wayans is a hilariously horror/comedy film which will be released on March 28. It is about a man and his new family living in their new home which happens to be a haunted house. Side-splitting paranormal happenings happen along with more complications as the ghost of girlfriend past appears to make matters worse.

Another must-see is 22 Jump Street which is a sequel to the very funny 21 Jump Street in 2012. The guys are back with their trash talking boss Ice Cube as they take on a new assignment: as undercover college students!

Your year will never be the same again with these comedy movies 2014. These are just two of the best movies to expect this year so open your eyes and your ears for more side-splitting comedy titles this year.

That Awkward Moment – Release Date: January 31 2014

Three guys figuring out what to do with their relationships – that’s the main focus of this off-color comedy. Dating from the male perspective is rarely seen in such a format, so this glimpse into the “roommates met with a challenge” scenario is interesting to watch.

Welcome to the Jungle – Release Date February 7 2014

Chris lets everyone walk all over him at work. He can’t find the guts to stand up to coworkers and definitely can’t muster the ability to ask the girl he’s interested in out on a date. A team building exercise goes south, stranding Chris, the big man on campus, Phil, the girl he loves, and several other office mates stranded. Did I mention that the pilot is dead and the tour guide was mauled by a tiger? Can Chris finally stand up and take charge?
This movie is sure to please because it touches on so many things that happen in our daily lives… barring the tiger, of course. So many of us will be able to identify someone we know in this movie, making it real and undeniably funny.

A Haunted House 2 – Release Date March 28 2014

Picking up where A Haunted House left off, Marlon Wayans’ character Malcolm moves in with his new girlfriend and her two children. Paranormal events begin to plague them in their new home. On top of that, Malcolm’s deceased ex-girlfriend moves in across the street to add to his torment.
Marlon Wayans is a master at spoofing films, and this one looks to be right up his alley. Make sure you bookmark A Haunted house 2 on your calendar.

Neighbors – Release Date May 9 2014

Imagine the two worst neighbor pairings you could possibly have and you’ve set the scene for the upcoming comedy, Neighbors. A family with a newborn baby live next to a frat house. At first they try to get along, the family extending themselves and saying hello, but after the antics that are part and parcel of a group of frat boys, it turns into war, plain and simple.
Positioned to be one of the best comedy movies of 2014, Neighbors pits many chapters of life against each other – single guy versus family man, younger guy versus older guy, dad versus stud – in hilarious fashion.

22 Jump Street – Release Date June 13 2014

The sequel to 2012’s 21 Jump Street, this movie puts the detective team in college. They have a case to crack, but college life gets the best of them. They both branch out into their own worlds, reliving college experiences and questioning whether or not their pairing is ideal. This movie manages to combine the contemplative with the ridiculous and make you laugh all the way through.

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