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2014 Oscar Winners On Blu-ray Disc

The 86th annual Academy Awards, honoring the best films released in 2013, is now history. The ceremony was held on March 2nd, 2014 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. Find out the winners that are now available, or coming soon to Blu-ray, and why they make great additions to your Blu-ray Disc collection.

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1. 12 Years A Slave

12 Years a Slave took top honors as Best Picture, as well as getting recognized for Lupita Nyong'o's excellent supporting performance and its adapted screenplay written my John Ridley. This film is based on the writings of Solomon Northup, which is a personal account of his time as a free black man living in the Pre-Civil War North who was suddenly, and unjustly, abducted and plunged into slavery in the South, and his 12 year struggle to regain his freedom.

This film doesn't feature special effects or CGI that will tax your home theater system, but is an example of what a film is all about at its core - Telling a compelling story that will move and inspire you.

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2. Gravity

Although 12 Years a Slave took Best Picture honors, the film that gathered up the most awards at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, with a total of seven, was Gravity. Technically, the film is flawless. It is a great example of breakthrough film-making the technical arts.

The seven awards included: cinematography, film editing, sound editing, sound mixing, visual effects, original score, and to wrap it up, Alfonso Cuaron, took home theater Oscar for Best Director - resulting in one of the rare cases where a film has one best director without winning best picture.

Also, in my opinion, if they would give out awards for the best use of 3D, Gravity would have won hand's down. However, even if you don't view it in 3D, you will find it a visually compelling viewing experience.

If you are looking for a top-notch Home Theater Demo disc, Gravity definitely deserves that title.

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3. Dallas Buyers Club

It isn't always the big blockbusters that get honored at the Oscars. Dallas Buyers Club is an example of a compelling independent film that attempts to tackle social issues we normally don't want to think about, and ends up doing a excellent job of doing so. However, in order to reach audiences, the actors must deliver compelling performances. In the case of Dallas Buyer's Club, both the leading (Matthew McConaughey) and supporting (Jared Leto) actors were honored with Oscar statuettes. The film also won an Oscar for make-up and hairstyling.

This film is definitely not light-hearted entertainment, but offers up both an great history lesson and commentary on the problems the nation had dealing with early days of the AIDs epidemic. If you enjoy films that address important social issues, definitely consider addingDallas Buyer's Club to your collection.

4. Blue Jasmine
Even though Woody Allen personally rejects being honored at the Annual Academy Awards, his films still get a lot of recognition by members of the Motion Picture Academy, and despite what you might think of Mr Allen, he makes some great films. This year, his film Blue Jasmine was honored with the Best Actress Oscar for the excellent performance by Cate Blanchett. If you are Woody Allen Fan, definitely add this one to your collection.

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5. Frozen

What can I say, it is almost impossible to outdo Disney or Disney/Pixar when it comes to award winning animated films (and hero princesses), and Frozen is the latest to be so honored by the members of the Motion Picture Academy.

This time around, Frozen took home an Oscar for both Best Animated Film and Best Song Let It Go - and, of course, it doesn't hurt that the film has also earned about $1 Billion in Worldwide box office during its theatrical run.

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The film is now available for pre-order on both Blu-ray and DVD - In addition, a 3D Blu-ray Edition is also forthcoming.

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