Thursday, April 10, 2014

Reviews for the best Romantic Movies 2014

Romance is in the air with these great romantic movies 2014. But these are not just romantic films but also romantic comedy films 2014 that you simply must not overlook. You will be in the edge of your seats with your heart beating fast or laughing on the floor with your heart full of love when you find out what’s in store for you this year.

Think Like a Man Too is a romantic comedy film that is a sequel to Think Like a Man in 2013. It is all about a fun-filled weekend that turns into a challenging romantic getaway for couples which features the all original cast of the movie. This comedy-romance movie will be released on June 20.

The Best of Me which will be released on October 17 is about a couple that is reunited after being apart for a long time as they visit their hometown. Rekindling of young love is the theme for The Best of Me which is from a book written by Nicholas Sparks.
These are just two of the best romantic titles to watch out for this 2014. So get ready to fall in love all over again with these romantic movies 2014.

Her – Release Date 1/10/2014

An unconventional romance, this movie chronicles the relationship a divorced man has with an operating system. Joaquin Phoenix embodies this role, making Theodore’s emotions as real as any of your own. An interesting take on the parameters of love, this movie is sure to make you think.

About Last Night – Release Date 2/14/2014

Sometimes going back to the well is a good thing. About Last Night is an updated version of the 1986 film of the same name, which was based on a play. The movie follows two couples at the beginning of their relationships. The chemistry between the couples, both friends and romantic entanglements, makes each scene feel real. Kevin Hart’s comedic sense showcases the humor that exists in all relationships. Being released on Valentine’s Day, this movie is poised to be more than a chick flick in 2014 – it might be one of the best Romantic Comedies of 2014.

Endless Love – Release Date 2/14/2014

This tried and true trope works every time – Endless Love is no exception. Two star-crossed lovers find each other by chance and begin to share every waking moment together to the chagrin of her father. He makes it his purpose to keep them apart. We’ve seen this many times over in stories like Romeo and Juliet and Jack and Rose in Titanic. The urgency of their love is palpable. This is definitely a romance movie of 2014 that you don’t want to miss.

Think Like a Man Too – Release Date 6/20/2014

This sequel to the 2013 release, Think Like a Man, starts off at a wedding. The original cast returns to attend this event in Las Vegas… need I say more? What could have been a fun-filled weekend changes course and challenges the stability of the relationships. Like the first movie, Think Like A Man Too promises to be one of the best romantic movies 2014.

The Best of Me – Release Date: October 17, 2014

A couple reunites after years spent apart during a visit to their hometown. In this age of relationships rekindling with the help of social media sites, the premise of this story is timely and relevant. Based on a book with the same name by Nicholas Sparks, this movie is one to watch.

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