Monday, April 21, 2014

Top 10 Best Easter Kid Movies of All Time

An easy way to celebrate the Easter holiday, help kids enjoy the joy of Easter, and enable them to learn more about the holiday is by watching an Easter movie together. Easter movies are also a fun surprise to find in an Easter basket.

Over the years a number of Easter movies have been released. Some are bad eggs, but others are fun Easter movies that you and your family can enjoy.

Top 10 Easter Movies for Kids - It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

Expect fun from Charlie Brown and the gang as they enjoy spring and celebrate Easter. It wouldn't be the same if Snoopy didn't dress up as the Easter Beagle to share Easter treats with the kids. (Columbia House Video, $16.95)

Top 10 Easter Movies for Kids - The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town

The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town is a classic Easter movie that celebrates the joy of the holiday. Narrated by Fred Astaire, kids work with the Sunny Bunny to convince a doom and gloom town, known as Town, that Easter is fun for everyone. (, $12.99)

Top 10 Easter Movies for Kids - The First Easter Rabbit

Who doesn't enjoy the voice of Burl Ives in one of our favorite Christmas movies, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Burl Ives is also one of the voices you will hear in the story of the First Easter Rabbit. Enjoy this short Easter film together as Stuffy the Rabbit fights an evil nemesis to share the joy and goodies of Easter. (, $14.98)

Top 10 Easter Movies for Kids - An Easter Carol

Children who enjoy Veggie Tales are in for an Easter treat with An Easter Carol. Mr. Nezzer wants to obliterate the true hope and meaning of Easter by destroying an old Church in England and replacing it with Easterland, a place filled with Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. Mr. Nezzer has no room for the hope of Christ's resurrection in Easterland. It is up to a familiar gang of Veggie buddies must deliver a life changing message to Nezzer. (, $8.99)

Top 10 Easter Movies for Kids - Easter in Bunnyland

What would become of Easter if the Easter Bunny were kidnapped? That is exactly what happens in the DVD Easter in Bunnyland. Take heart, Flip Rabbit, Buck Bunny, and Bitsy Bunny are out to rescue the Easter Bunny and save Easter. (, $.01 to $28.99)

Top 10 Easter Movies for Kids - Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Mystery of the Easter Chipmunk

Alvin and his winsome pals find themselves engaged in excitement and adventure in their quest to find the Easter Bunny. (, $16.99)

Top 10 Easter Movies for Kids - Easter with Max and Ruby

Enjoy six Easter episodes on one DVD. Easter with Max and Ruby is based on a series of popular children's books by Rosemary Wells. Max and Ruby are siblings who manage to find trouble and adventure any time of year, especially Easter. Enjoy the antics of the loveable bunnies driven by sibling rivalry. (, $12.79)

Top 10 Easter Movies for Kids - Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Here Comes Peter Cottontail is an Easter classic in which kids enjoy a romp through April Valley in which Peter Cottontail must overcome his irresponsible ways in order to win the egg delivery contest to become the Chief Easter Bunny. Peter Cottontail has his work cut out for him in his quest to be the Easter Bunny and your kids will cheer him on. (, $9.95)

Top 10 Easter Movies for Kids - Bunnytown - Hello Bunnies

From the Disney Channel comes Bunnytown - Hello Bunnies. Sing, dance, and play your way through Easter with these furry, friendly bunnies. Hello Bunnies is especially fun for preschoolers who will enjoy the antics in Bunnytown. (, $15.29)

Top 10 Easter Movies for Kids - The Easter StoryKeepers

The Easter StoryKeepers is part of the Christian animated DVD Storykeeper series. In this story Ben begins to see reflections of Jesus last days in his own life. Ben doesn't die, but comes close. His experience increases his awareness and appreciation of the hope of Easter found in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. (, $9.99)